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Sniper's Furry Curse 23
The BLU Medic… really didn’t know how to feel about Freddie.
He was loud, he was energetic, he was always smiling about something, but he also seemed to pick up on Medic’s discouragement of interaction and left the older man alone. Granted, Medic had to give him his mandatory physical (Freddie was in great shape), and Freddie had made soft small talk while Medic poked and prodded him.
“Those are some really nice starlings,” Freddie said as he watched the birds play around in a basin of water. “They yours?”
Medic was bust watching the needle on the blood pressure cuff and ignored the new Engineer.
“I’ll take that as a yes. The guys said ya had a thing for animals. The crab’s a little out of place, though. I mean how is he going to keep warm? Least the corgi won’t have to worry, but is it really a good idea to let him gnaw on his cage like that? I mean, he could really hurt-“
“Shut up.” Medic hadn’t
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Sniper's Furry Curse 22
Yes…he loved the cold very much.
His parents were asleep, but he had read enough to finally figure out how to pick a lock. Alfred was there watching him as he twisted his mother’s bobby pin into the door lock.
Freedom was his!
The door slowly opened and he stood in awe as the outside world was finally open to him. He was almost…scared. He had been in the house for so long, the outside world always just out of reach. What would happen if he stepped through the open door?
Alfred trotted outside on his stubby legs, and he couldn’t help but follow.  The snow crunched beneath his feet and the wind blew through his pajamas. Alfred ran around the garden, kicking up snow. He held his hand up and caught a flake.

  BLU Medic jolted awake as Corgineer began to bark. He sighed and pushed his blanket off-
Indeed, there was a pink blanket with green butterflies draped over him. Medic looked down at it with a sneer. There was only
:iconlareinedelanuit:LaReineDeLaNuit 10 25
He reaches far-
No escape.
No eyes or mouth or tongue.
Lights flicker-
What was that?
I could swear I saw-
A blank….white…face…
He reaches far-
No escape.
A black suit and tie?
TV shuts off-
Did you see that?
I really did see-
Long thing arms.
He reaches far-
No escape.
So tall and thin.
A cry for help-
All alone-
Oh God, it’s-
:iconlareinedelanuit:LaReineDeLaNuit 2 29
Sniper's Furry Curse 21
"Coldfront," Scout growled. He threw a ball and Wolfie ran off to retrieve it. "Outta all the bases, why Coldfront? What's the point? There's nothing there but a buncha ice and snow and stuff. What are we defending or attacking? What, the yeti?" Wolfie dropped the ball at Scout's feet and yawned. Scout smiled and scratched behind Wolfie's ears.
"Well, at least you might like it there," he said. "All this fur will keep you warm, and at least it won't be all that suspicious if someone sees you. Wolves probably prowl around up there all the time. Only thing is we won't be able to hide as much. Red kinda stands out against the snow, don't it? Those BLUs might even get an advantage over us. Not to mention running in the cold aint all that fun."
"Ach, vill you stop vhining?"
Scout looked back to see Medic striding towards him. Soldier lagged behind like a puppy.
"Honestly," Medic continued. "For a boy who grew up in Boston, you zhink you vould like zhe snow. "
"Bad memories," said Scout. "Yo
:iconlareinedelanuit:LaReineDeLaNuit 14 16
The Journey pt. 3
You shiver slightly and draw your cloak tighter. You have no idea where you are now. Everything is dark and illuminated by the single lantern that Leader carries. What you can see is rocky and dank like some kind of cave. The rest of the group doesn't seem perturbed and talks idly with each other.
Curious, you catch up to Leader.
"Um, Miss Leader?" You ask. Leader looks at you and smiles warmly.
"Where are we exactly? You ask.
"Here," is Leader's response.
"Here?" You repeat. "Where's 'here?'"
"Here is here," Leader says.
"I...I don't understand," you say.
"We picked you up at The Beginning," Leader explains patiently. "Then we went to There, and then we went to Further On. Now we are at Here."
"Oh," you say. "This place is called Here. But that doesn't make sense. None of this makes sense. I feel like I haven't been walking that long, but we have to have been walking for a good while. And then there are times when I blink and suddenly we're in a new place."
"Time has no relevan
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Apron Drawings 3 by LaReineDeLaNuit Apron Drawings 3 :iconlareinedelanuit:LaReineDeLaNuit 1 1 Apron Drawings 2 by LaReineDeLaNuit Apron Drawings 2 :iconlareinedelanuit:LaReineDeLaNuit 4 1 Apron Drawings 1 by LaReineDeLaNuit Apron Drawings 1 :iconlareinedelanuit:LaReineDeLaNuit 3 23
Sniper's Furry Curse 20
"No fight today?" The RED Engineer stroked his chin. "Mighty odd."
"I was told that we are not fighting because we must prepare for moving," said Soldier. The team was gathered around the table in the mess hall and eating a decent breakfast this time. Heavy had volunteered to cook and made syrniki. Spy said he would make crepes next time.
"Moving?" Heavy repeated, sliding a few more cakes onto Sniper's plate. He had noticed that Sniper had been eating more for a while now. He had been worried that Sniper might have had a tapeworm, but Sniper had just said it was just his metabolism acting up.
"Tomorrow we will be leaving for Coldfront," Soldier explained. "We'll board a train, and the trip should take about all day to get there. So make sure that you all pack tonight because we will not be coming back if you forget your tampons!"
"Why are we moving?" Spy asked. Soldier shrugged.
"I don't know because I did not ask. I obey my orders instead of whining and complaining like a bunch of pan
:iconlareinedelanuit:LaReineDeLaNuit 14 67
Tree by LaReineDeLaNuit Tree :iconlareinedelanuit:LaReineDeLaNuit 1 3
Pyro's Purse
BLU Medic  yawned and trudged his way past his locker, eager to grab a shower before dinner. Of course, Scout just had to leave one of his cleats out on the floor, causing Medic to trip.
Medic grunted and grabbed the nearest locker. A soft thud drew his attention as something hit the floor under him.
It was a small blue purse with a flower on the side.
Medic furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as he bent down to pick it up. It looked old and slightly worn with lines of stiches here and there. The zipper had been replaced as well and was half open. Medic looked at the locker he had jarred and saw that it was Pyro’s locker.
Why did Pyro have a purse in his locker?
Beyond curious now, Medic reached inside and pulled out a piece of paper.
Medic flinched and looked back as BLU Pyro carelessly dropped his flamethrower and ran to snatch the purse away.
“I meant no harm,” Medic said, hiding the paper behind his back. “I accidently tripped
:iconlareinedelanuit:LaReineDeLaNuit 10 34
Sniper's Furry Curse 19
It wasn't that RED Scout was a heavy sleeper. Well, it was it's just that growing uo with six older brothers had taught him how to sleep through certain noises. Namely brawls, insults, shouts, trains, and other things. But ever since he came into the war he trained himself to wake up at the sounds of attack. He had trained himself to be roused by the smallest sounds of danger like the sound of a deactivating cloak, the chink of a balisong…
Or the sound of a shotgun being cocked.
Scout's eyes flew open to see an angry looking Soldier pointing a shotgun at his face.
"Immoral nonconsensual fraternization," he growled. Scout did what any man would have done.
He punched Soldier, which surprised him into shooting his gun.
Which caused Sniper to jump up, tangle in this sheets, and fall to the floor.
Which caused Medic to wake up and fumble for his glasses.
Scout quickly jumped away to avoid Soldier.
"The hell, Soldier?!" he shouted.
"Why must I once again be subjected to waking up to n
:iconlareinedelanuit:LaReineDeLaNuit 11 11
The Journey pt. 2
You fidget with your cloak when one of the younger girls catches up with you. She looks to be about eight or nine.
"So..." you begin, "Why did you come?"
The girl looks up at you in confusion.
"What do you mean?" She asks. The rest of the group is laughing and chatting amiably and doesn't seem to be paying attention to you or the girl.
"Why did you come with these people?" You ask. The girl thinks for a moment then shrugs.
"I was invited," she says.
"Oh," you slowly nod and look around. "Which ones are your parents?"
"Oh, Mom and Dad are back at home," says the girl. "They weren't invited."
"They let you go alone with a pack of strangers?!" You say incredulously.
"Well, no," the girl admits. "Mom got mad and slammed the door so I had to sneak out. They were waiting for me right around the corner."
"So you left your family behind? But why?"
"Cuz it's a journey!" The girl says excitedly. "A journey to The End."
"But aren't you scared?" You ask. "I mean, it's The End."
"Nope," the girl sh
:iconlareinedelanuit:LaReineDeLaNuit 0 8
The Journey
You find yourself woken up at midnight by a group of loud voices outside. You grumble and roll over in your bed hoping to ignore them and go back to sleep. After a few minutes, the voices have not quieted so you get out of bed and go outside to confront them. It's a small group of people of all ages and races that are wearing odd cloaks and hoods. They look so out of place and yet don't at the same time. They all seem excited over something.
"Oh hello."
You jump slightly and turn to see a woman next to you dressed like the group.
"Could you please keep it down. You're all being loud and people are sleeping," you say. You look around to see that no one else has come outside to investigate the noise. Odd, didn't anyone else hear it?
"We're sorry," the woman chuckles. "We're all just so excited. We're going on a journey."
"A journey?" You repeat in confusion.
"Yes, a journey to The End," explains the woman.
"The end?" You ask. "What end?"
"The very end," says the woman. "Would you like to
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Sniper's Furry Curse 18
Sniff sniff…
A coyote.
Sniff sniff…
A bird.
Sniff sniff…
A group of men.
Sniff sniff…
Ha! There, the trail!
Wolfie darted forward again, nose to the ground and following the scent trail. There were many other scents from eighteen other men spread around, but the rabbit trail was fresher. Smelled like a big one too.
Wolfie licked his lips as he continued on.
The trail led him to a building that was very familiar in the back of his mind. Something said he should know what it is, but he was too hungry to care.
The trail got stronger as he came across a green blanket.
Spion was not an idiot.
He was a crab, yes, but he was no idiot.
He had seen the BLU Medic pass out, and he had seen someone (the room had been too dark to see) sneak in and snatch up Scout. He knew that something was afoot, and he needed to get Medic up. He dropped down from his cozy bed (handmade by Medic) and scuttled across the floor.
He poked and prodded Medic w
:iconlareinedelanuit:LaReineDeLaNuit 14 9
Sniper's Furry Curse 17
BLU Spy hummed to himself as he rubbed the green blanket all over the ground. He had nicked it from Medic earlier and was pleased at how strong the smell of rabbit was on it. Wolves tracked by scent and Spy was only too happy to create a little trail for the wolf to follow. He rubbed it harder into the ground, smiling with glee. It really was almost insultingly simple. All he had to do now was wait for Medic to pass out and then collect his bait for the trap. Then he would use the BLU Sniper's dart gun to sedate the beast. If he could keep it sedated until he was able to call his superiors to collect him, then Spy would be home free. Spy tossed the blanket not far from the base and chuckled.
Meanwhile, BLU Medic was up to his elbows in paperwork.
He had contacted the BLU superiors about what had happened and they had said that they would send a crew out for repairs as soon as they could. Until then, Medic was to record all damages and put in orders for replacements for equipment and su
:iconlareinedelanuit:LaReineDeLaNuit 14 3


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So tell me if this is a good idea:

I had the idea for a story about a young woman in college who is majoring in literature. Her name is Dahlia. She gets a job at the local library and when she's cleaning the basement she stumbles upon an old unmarked book with a lock on it. Curious, she picks the lock and discovers that it's a book of magic that was holding a woman prisoner. The woman's name is Lady Grim, the woman responsible for many old fairy tales and fables. Lady Grimm tells Dahlia that she had been imprisoned by a sorcerer for telling her tales to the Brothers Grimm.
She had told her tales to warn the world of the evil spirits and beasts that would wish to harm humanity. She tells Dahlia that Dahlia must help her rid the world of the evil she spoke of in her tales as it was no coincidence that Dahlia found her book.
Cue epic adventures!
Lady Grimm does have some allies such as Theresa (Red Riding Hood), Johannes (the Pied Piper) and Selene (Sleeping Beauty).

And...that's all I have for now.
This idea is biting me hard, but I would still be working on my other stories too.


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